Parent/Guardian Workshops


Throughout the 2015-2016 school year, we are excited to offer the opportunity for parents to meet in a collaborative, supportive environment to discuss important topics related to student’s personal, academic, and social-emotional growth.  These workshops will offer parents valuable resources and a forum to offer and receive support from other parents.

Below is a schedule of our upcoming Parent/Guardian Workshops:


October 16 9 am – 10 am “Raising Independent Problem Solvers: Strategies to Teach Independence and Promote Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills” 

Problem solving and organization comes naturally for some and is more challenging for others. This workshop will provide information, as well as, developmentally appropriate strategies to help with routines, time management, and organization. We hope you will take away a few new ideas and strategies to try at home. We also look forward to learning from you!


  • November 19 “Finding Balance in a Stressful World: Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, Stress Reduction”
  • April 7 “Just Tell Me What to Say: How to Have an Open Dialogue About Challenging Topics”
  • May 26 “Electronics: Navigating the Tech and Internet World While Keeping Your Kids Safe”

All workshops will take place from 9:00 – 10:00 am in the Cafeteria.

Coffee will be provided!  Please RSVP to Jessica Greene at or Taylor LoConto at or through the main page of this blog

Past Workshops

“Routines and Responsibilities: Building Independence in Your Elementary Child”

“How to Encourage Positive, Healthy Relationships”


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