Keeping Your Kids Safe While Using and Navigating the Internet

The final parent workshop was to discuss “Cyber Safety”; How to help keep you and your children safe while using the Internet.  Attached is a copy of the PowerPoint created. It focused on how to talk to your children about safely accessing and navigating educational websites for schoolwork, social media, and media/entertainment websites.  A few important messages: 1) the internet is accessible by all, and therefore, it is absolutely okay for you to check what your child/children are looking at, while surfing the web 2)No matter how secure a site may seem, there are usually ways to work around those systems and your child/children will possibly be able to figure out how to make that happen 3)Talk with your child about their digital footprint and if they would be okay with their principal, teacher, doctor seeing their posts.

Internet Safety Presentation


A different perspective for an all too familiar situation….

Starting around grade 3, as boys and girls begin to develop interests and notice similarities and differences between themselves and others, stronger friendships begin to grow. On the flip side, exclusivity and unkind statements begin to be thrown around as an attempt to understand the changing social dynamics.

A common problem is, “I want to play with aa, but I (cc) don’t like bb and bb is friends with aa. What should I do?” And, most often the solution they come up with is to be unkind to bb and exclude them from games and conversations.

It is important to remember, when helping your child in a situation like this, that if your child is bb or cc, both are feeling extremely vulnerable. They want to protect their friendship with aa, and feel liked and apart of the group. They need to be reminded that they can be friends with aa, and should also try to find things about bb or cc that they like so all can be feeling comfortable and liked as a group.

If your child is aa, encourage them to tell bb and cc they like spending time with them both and would like to find a way for all to play together. And, if possible, encourage them to find dd!

Attached is a nice article from a parent’s perspective when she realized her daughter was excluding another.

4th Grader Comes Home With Disturbing News—Then Mom Realizes Her “Worst Nightmare” Is Coming True



“Be the ONE” All School Reward

On Wednesday, March 2, the Fox Hill Students earned their first All School Reward. They were given free choice as to where they wanted to sit in the cafeteria. As a school, we collectively earned 60 certificates for “Being the One: Being Kind, Responsible, Safe and Respectful.”  Some of the certificates were earned for walking safely and respectfully through the school, for being responsible audience members, for showing respect through first time listening, and for many, many other reasons.  We will start working toward our next all school reward, so make sure to watch the progress as we post the new certificates in the front foyer!


March 26th Fun kids event…

Moomintrolls! Moomintrolls! Moomintrolls!

Moomintrolls. Moomintrolls. Moomintrolls. Say that three times fast!

What are these curious creatures? Where do they come from? Join local Moomin expert Sally Cragin to learn all about these delightful Finnish characters and create your own Moomin-crafts to take home.

For children ages 5 and up and their families.

admission $5 for children | FREE for SCC members

This program is made possible by a donation in memory of Ruth Williams. Ruth, originally from Canterbury, England, emigrated to Boston as a Fulbright Scholar, rare for her time. She went on to receive her MA and Ph.D. at Boston University. At The Park School in Brookline she taught lower school until she was appointed permanent Fourth Grade Teacher and Division Head of the Middle School. She was beloved by students and parents and fellow teachers — for her chipper manner, ready wit, and brilliant, surprising teaching styles.

Saturday, March 26, 2016 from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM (EDT) Add to Calendar
Scandinavian Cultural Center – 206 Waltham Street , MA 02465 – View Map