Individual Counseling


School psychologists and Guidance Counselors are often called to do individual counseling with students.  In this role, they help students navigate the different challenges they may be experiencing at school and/or home so that we can better support their academic, social, or emotional success.  School-based counseling is designed to be developmental and preventive in nature.  All activities completed during individual counseling are aimed at enhancing the positive characteristics already inherent in your child.

Students participating in individual counseling will most likely see the psychologist or counselor one time a week for thirty minutes during their intervention block to ensure that no classroom instruction is missed.  School-based counseling is conducted on a short-term basis, generally 6-8 weeks.  In an effort to build rapport and trust, individual counseling sessions will be kept strictly confidential unless a student poses a risk to themselves or others.  However, students are often encouraged (and very excited!) to share their individual counseling experiences with their parents.  Students may also give us permission to share information.

Written parent permission is always required before students may participate in individual counseling.

If you feel that your child may benefit from individual counseling, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kim & Jessica


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