Homework help…

For those who were unable to attend the, “Understanding and Helping My Child With Homework,” here are some of the takeaway points…

  • Homework is intended to help children review and practice concepts learned that day
  • Setting up good homework and study routines will turn this practice into habit
  • Evaluate your routine…If it isn’t working, see what small changes you can make to get a different result
  • Praise the small victories
  • Read, Read, Read! If there is one area of the homework we would emphasize, it is the reading…
    • Have your child read to you
    • Co-read books (you read a page, they read a page)
    • Read to your child (They are not too old to be read to!)

Let us know if something is not working for your family. We are happy to make adjustments and changes if they are needed!