Overcoming Anxious Feelings the First Week of School

Overcoming Anxiety the First Few Weeks of School

  1. Do not overreact. 
  2. Keep calm and focus on the positives.
  3. Model optimism and confidence for your child. Bring up past successes that may relate to entering a new school year.
  4. Reassure them that you will be there at the end of the school day.
  5. Reinforce your child’s ability to cope. Give them a few strategies to manage a difficult situation on his or her own.
  6. Encourage friendships- help them identify and connect a peer at school

It may be helpful to volunteer in your child’s classroom.  Contact the school to meet with your child’s teachers and school psychologist if you have additional concerns for your child’s anxious feelings. They can offer support that will help identify and reduce the problem, as well as suggest some strategies to try at home. Children are resilient; with your encouragement each day, they will have a successful school year!

** Adapted from National Association of School Psychologists parent hand-out (2014)


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