Common Questions for School Psychologists

Common Questions for a School Psychologist

Is there one school psychologist in every building in the district? How do I find the one in my child’s school?

In the Burlington district, there is one school psychologist in every building. To find the school psychologist in your child’s school, refer to the staff directory.

Do school psychologists only work with special education students?

No. School psychologists serve all students in need. They help to develop interventions for students in the general education population who may be experiencing challenges in academic, social, behavioral, and/or social-emotional functioning. They also work with students in special education who have Individualized Educational Plans (IEP’s).

Who do the school psychologists collaborate with?

School Psychologists collaborate with classroom teachers, principals, students, parents, and other service providers within the community to address a variety of issues which students may confront including fears about attending school, difficulty organizing time efficiently, falling behind in school work and concerns about life experiences.

How can I get in touch with my child’s school psychologist?

I can be reached by phone at (781) 238-5681 and by email at I do not have set office hours but if you leave your name and phone number, I will be sure to call you back at the earliest convenience! Lines are open for anyone 🙂

***Reminder: Back to School Night is this Thursday (9/10)! I will be in my office so be sure to stop by if you have any questions!.. I have AC =)


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